Our Major Achievements
 Year  Achievements
 1976 Sold 4000 Agricultural Sprayers to Pakistan Agricultural Department – first business of Abaseen.
 1977 Introduction of German Airport Ground Handling Equipment. Sold 10 Catering Trucks to Pakistan International Airlines from M/s Trepel AG., Germany.
 1978 Abaseen appointed as Cotton Procurement Agents by Government of Pakistan
 1980 Introduced Ultra-Sonic Leak and Fault Detectors for the first time in Pakistan and sold several units to several government and semi-government organizations.
 1981 Abaseen was instrumental in procuring a soft-term financing of US $ 20 Million for Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan from Italy for purchase of Agricultural Equipment. Out of this, US $ 1 Million was converted into a grant.
 1982 Sold the first 20 Tons Main Deck Loader in Pakistan to Pakistan International Airlines from Trepel AG., Germany.
 1984 Sold first 07 Tons Lower Lobe Loader to PIA from Trepel AG.
 1986 Sold Asia’s tallest Self-Propelled Aerial Work Platform to PIA.
 1987 Introduced and sold the first Runway Rubber Removal Machine to Civil Aviation Authority.
 1988 Introduced Hydro-blasting Technology for Cleaning, and sold the first Hydro-blasting Unit in Pakistan.
 1995 Abaseen pre-qualified for 1/3rd of Karachi’s Solid Waste Management.
 1996 Introduced the concept of Central Incineration Facility and sold & Commissioned first two largest Healthcare / Industrial Waste Incineration Systems in Pakistan to Karachi Metropolitan Corporation.
 2000 Introduced for the first time and Supplied Spill Control Equipment to Maritime Security Agency.
 2001 Entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with City District Government of Karachi for Hospital Waste Management, using Incineration Technology – First successful public / private partnership in Pakistan.
 2001 Abaseen forms Consumer Product Division and launches Kiltox Household Insecticide, manufactured in Malaysia for a country-wide retail sale with own sales network established in over 7 cities across the country.
 2002 Agreements with leading Pharmaceutical Companies for Waste Incineration through CDGK Incineration Plants.
 2002 Supplied Marine Pollution Control Equipment to Port Qasim Authority. First such equipment to come to Pakistan.
 2002 Introduced and Sold the first 30 Tons Main Deck Loader to Shaheen Airport Services from M/s Trepel, Germany. First unit of this kind to come to Pakistan.
 2005 Launch of Dallab PDA Phones, from Malaysia in Pakistan with Standard Chartered Bank & Union Bank Limited under the Consumer Product Division.
 2005 Sold 40 Units of FOD BOSS Airport Runway Sweepers to Pakistan Air Force.
 2006 Awarded contract by City District Government Karachi for Development, Operation and Maintenance of Landfill Site at Surjani Town, Karachi as per International Standards. First contract of this kind to be ever awarded in Pakistan for development of a Landfill on scientific methodology.
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