Industrial Waste Management

For the first time in Pakistan in 1992, Abaseen introduced the concept of Hospital Waste Incineration. The idea was very well initiated by the competent team of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation and in 1996 Abaseen got the contract for supply of Two Hospital Waste Incineration Plants manufactured by M/s Consutech Systems LLC., USA.

In 1998 Abaseen commissioned the Incinerator Plants which have a daily incineration capacity of 10 tons / unit, incinerating the waste at temperatures of 800 Degrees Celsius and the resultant gases at 1200 Degrees Celsius. These plants are capable of incinerating waste and converting it into ash which is safe for normal disposal at a designated landfill site. Abaseen continued to operate the units under warranty and handed over the plants to the KMC for operation.

In year 2001 the KMC, now CDGK decided to privatize this project. Abaseen won the contract for the Collection, Transportation and Disposal of Hospital and Pharmaceutical Waste under a Joint Venture agreement with the City District Government of Karachi. Abaseen now caters to almost 150 Healthcare Units all across Karachi and several Pharmaceutical Companies for Incineration of Biological Wastes and Expired Medicines and Raw Materials etc., from leading Pharmaceutical Industries in Pakistan.

This project has greatly helped the people of Karachi by nearly eradicating the unthinkable practice of reusing disposed syringes and drips thus bringing down to some extent the cases of infectious diseases such as AIDS, Hepatitis etc., including the use of such needles by drug addicts.

At time of takeover by Abaseen, KMC was providing service to about 30 Healthcare units. Abaseen with its professional, dedicated team slowly created awareness amongst the Clinics and Hospitals and now an estimated no. of 150 Healthcare Units are being regularly provided waste collection and disposal service, strictly in accordance to government regulations, eliminating the chances of any kind of misuse or spillage. Our team is continuing to bring in more Clinics and Hospitals to avail this service which is available at a nominal cost. We strongly believe that as more and more institutions register for this service, lesser will be the chances of misuse of this hospital waste, which if not properly disposed, can cause serious degree of infections.

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