NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical)

To increased destructive potentials of nuclear weapons and of the bacteriological and chemical agents stored in military arsenals, together with recent industrial, energy and research undertakings, all contribute to making the risks of accidental or intentional contamination ever more threatening to human beings, property and environments.

Responsible authorities and organizations are intensively researching techniques and studying contingency plans, also relying heavily on electronics, in order to deal promptly and effectively with any extraordinary emergencies that might arise.

The Critism SpA Corp., drawing on its scientific talent and vast experiencies in dealing with the most demanding requirements in this field, has developed equipment espacially suited for tactical application, operating with different water and steam temperatures.

Water, recognized as the paramount purifying element, is now being treated with highly advanced techniques to maximize its role in NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) decontamination.

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