Specialized Equipments

Abaseen represents some of the world-renowned manufacturers of equipment for different fields from domestic to commercial and industrial areas, covering a wide range of users. Our objective is not only to sell, but to establish a strong relationship with all our customers by offering them solutions from decision making to delivery and to after-sales backup not only during the warranty but also years after supply.

Abaseen has supplied equipment worth millions of dollars to various government and semi-government organizations since 1976 with dedicated after-sales support. Our technical team has always been there to offer unmatched support to our customers at all times. Even after years of operation, the equipment supplied by Abaseen on behalf of our foreign principals has proved to be of exceptional quality and durability providing the customers with years of trouble-free operation. We have indeed stood the test of time.

Abaseen strives to introduce new concepts and technologies to customers, thus specialize in state-of-the-art equipment for different applications.

Sold several kinds of specialized equipment such as Aerial Work Platforms, Hydro-blasting machines, Indoor Air Purification Systems, Engraving Machines, Security & Surveillance Equipment for Defense etc.

Having a dedicated technical and after-sales team, Abaseen ensures a smooth operation of all equipment supplied to keep the customer satisfied and coming back to us for more!

Equipment Supplied:
  • Introduced the concept of Hydro-blasting machines in Pakistan and sold several units to various govt. & semi govt. organizations.
  • Supplied a 92 feet, Boom type Aerial Work Platform - Tallest in Asia, to Pakistan International Airlines.
  • Introduced the concept of waste disposal through Incineration, and sold the largest Hospital Waste Incinerators in Pakistan to City Govt. Of Karachi.
  • Supplied the first 30 Tons Main Deck Loader to a local Airport Ground Handling Company.
We Are Representing Following Companies In Pakistan:
  • Cristanini SPA. Italy - Hydro-blasting Machines.
  • Gravograph Singapore Pte. Ltd. - Engraving Machines
  • SIBILIA, Italy - Industrial Vacuuming Systems
  • United Air Specialists. USA - Dust & Mist Collection Units
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